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At Made by Shannon we are proud to say that sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make.  Questioning each stage of the business from the materials we source to the creative processes we use and the packaging we choose.  

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Sustainability at

made by Shannon

M I N D F U L L Y   M A D E 

We’re proud to say that we’ve made decisions and efforts to lessen our footprint since the very beginning, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve.

Discover the ways we are doing our part for the environment below.

set of 4 plantable seed postcards
eco-friendly pink birthday greeting card

Consciously / Thoughtfully Sourced

At Made by Shannon we are conscious of the impact our business has on our planet and we take pride in the steps we take, and continue to make, in ensuring we tread lightly on our planet.  


• All our raw materials are personally sourced from trusted artisans and growers to guarantee they comply with the environmental standards we expect.

• Our paper products are made in a combination of recycled card, made using post-consumer waste and seed embedded card handmade from recycled paper pulp in a local charity run mill.

• Our textile collection is created from antique time worn fabrics discovered in vintage fairs and markets and reimagined for a new life with you.

The beauty of bespoke / Made for You

Many of our products are hand produced in-house using both traditional and modern techniques including letterpress and hot foiling on vintage printing presses and digitally printing to reduce waste and emissions from large warehouses, machines and travel.  

Our bespoke pieces are made to order and further minimise stock and waste.

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Our packaging

Our goal to reduce waste and the consumption of plastic is reflected in our choice of packaging.  We reuse any packaging materials we receive and only purchase paper packing including cardboard boxes, paper tape and bubble wrap.  We encourage our customers to recycle the packing they receive from us.

All envelopes are 80-100% recycled and we offer the option for our cards to come naked without the compostable cellophane to further reduce waste. 

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