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The Making Process

All ‘Made by Shannon’ zip pouches began with Shannon searching for fabrics across England and Europe. She goes to antique shops and fairs looking for beautiful vintage floral cottons, velvets and bark cloth.


The sayings that are stitched onto the front of the zip pouches begin with Shannon hand stamping each individual letter of the saying onto card using her tiny rubber stamp set. She then scans in each saying on to the computer before making small edits to the work, ensuring it keeps its original hand stamped feel. The sayings are sent to be printed on natural linen at an independent business in London, England.

Shannon constructs each and every zip pouch on her sewing machine in her studio in Huddersfield, England, making each one completely unique.



Made by Shannon is committed to using recycled materials, as well as producing products of quality.

Natural linen is used for the sayings.

All Made by Shannon zip pouches are fully lined.


Presentation & Packaging

This zip pouch will arrived gift wrapped in tissue paper with a branded sticker so it is ready to be gifted or gives you something exciting to open when it arrives.


This product was designed to fit regular non applicator tampons.

Approx Size:  9 x 8 cm

Leak Week - Little Floral Feminine Product Storage

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